[Mono-dev] Input method context switch

Tim Armstrong tim_armstrong at sil.org
Tue Nov 3 04:50:20 EST 2009

Hi mono team,
in developing software for linguistic applications our team recently 
developed a patch for the SCIM input method manager that allows us to 
programmatically change the selected Input Method (IM). The key idea is 
that when a user switches from a textbox that expects English input to, 
say, a textbox that expects Thai, the Input Method is automatically 
We do this switch in the OnEnter eventhandler. Unfortunately, it seems 
that the X Input Context is switched AFTER the OnEntry event is fired. 
As a result we end up switching the IM for the previous context (ie the 
English textbox) rather than the new one (ie the Thai textbox). Can you 
give any insight into this behavior or do have any thoughts?

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