[Mono-dev] Mono 2.4 crashes due to accessing freed data structures

Ulrich Weigand uweigand at de.ibm.com
Fri May 29 16:14:34 EDT 2009


we've been running into random mono crashes due to what appears to
be accesses to data structures that were already freed.

The test case is the OpenSim build and unit-test process using NAnt.
For some reason I don't quite understand the bug seems to trigger
very frequently on PowerPC64 (to the extent that 75% or so of all
OpenSim build attempts never complete), and sometimes on x86-64,
but rarely (never?) on 32-bit ppc or i386.

Here's some results of my debugging attempts of this problem.  This
is my first look at the mono sources -- I may be off track with some
of my conclusions here.  I'd appreciate any help in getting this fixed.

All tests and the discussion below refer to the mono 2.4 sources.

The first problem occurs during mono_metadata_clean_for_image, and
seems related to a recent change introduce to fix bug
This change added a call to
  signature_in_image (mono_method_signature ((MonoMethod*)method), image)
to the inflated_method_in_image routine.

Now the problem with this is that if the inflated method in question
doesn't yet have a signature allocated.  In this case, the above call
will *cause* the allocation to happen at this time.  In particular,
this can cause new MonoGenericInst or MonoGenericClass structures to
be allocated at this point.

However, this happens at a time where mono_metadata_clean_for_image
is currently traversing the generic_inst_cache / generic_class_cache
structures, and does not expect new elements to be added to them
while that traversal is ongoing.

In the case I was debugging, a new MonoGenericInst was created in
such a way that pointed to an already existing MonoGenericClass.
This MonoGenericClass structure, however, was marked as unneeded
during that very same traversal -- but the freshly created
MonoGenericInst was not, as it was added too late.

This had the effect that at the end of the mono_metadata_clean_for_image
call, the MonoGenericClass was deleted -- but the new MonoGenericInst
was still pointing to it.   During *another* invocation of
mono_metadata_clean_for_image, the ginst_in_image routine would be
called on that broken MonoGenericInst and traverse the pointer to
the freed MonoGenericClass.  Depending on what happened to the memory
in the meantime, crashes or failed assertions result.

It seems to be that it is wrong to allocate new data structures
during mono_metadata_clean_for_image, so I guess mono_method_signature
should not be called here.  While I'm not completely sure this is the
right fix, the following patch makes the problem go away for me:

diff -urNp mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/metadata.c mono-2.4/mono/metadata/metadata.c
--- mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/metadata.c	2009-02-14 00:33:05.000000000 +0100
+++ mono-2.4/mono/metadata/metadata.c	2009-05-28 20:12:38.000000000 +0200
@@ -2196,7 +2197,8 @@ inflated_method_in_image (gpointer key, 
 	// https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=458168
 	return method->declaring->klass->image == image ||
 		(method->context.class_inst && ginst_in_image (method->context.class_inst, image)) ||
-		(method->context.method_inst && ginst_in_image (method->context.method_inst, image)) || signature_in_image (mono_method_signature ((MonoMethod*)method), image);
+		(method->context.method_inst && ginst_in_image (method->context.method_inst, image)) ||
+		(((MonoMethod*)method)->signature && signature_in_image (((MonoMethod*)method)->signature, image));
 static gboolean

The second problem is related to wrapper classes allocated by the
routines in marshal.c.  I've been seeing various instances of crashes
caused by those routines returning apparently clobbered method structures.

It turns out this was caused by stale entried in the caches maintained
by the marshal.c routines.  For example, the
MonoMethod *mono_marshal_get_static_rgctx_invoke (MonoMethod *method)
routine will store the MonoMethod structure describing the wrapper for
"method" into a cache allocated on the mempool associated with the
image related to the method's class.  For "normal" methods, the method
structure itself was already allocated on that same mempool, so the
wrapper has identical lifetime as the method it wraps.

However, there is one case where things are more complex: "inflated"
generic methods.  These are *not* allocated on a mempool, but on the
heap, and will be freed at a certain point in time.  However, nothing
ensures that any previously allocated wrapper for such a method is
also freed at this time.

For the most part, this does not matter much, as the wrapper cache is
indexed using the address of the MonoMethod structure as key.  If the
method no longer exists, it isn't looked up, so it doesn't matter that
a stale value is still in the hash table.

However, it *can* happen that a later allocation of a fresh MonoMethod
just happens to reside at the same address as a method that was deleted
previously.  Now, when looking up a wrapper for the new method, the
stale entry for the old method may indeed be found.  This causes various
problems; in particular, while the cached wrapper method itself is still
live, some of the structures it points to (type, signature) may themselves
have been deleted in the meantime, so random memory may be accessed.

A similar problem seems to occur for dynamic methods, and for those it
seems special care is taken to remove wrappers for such methods from the
cache when the method is deleted (mono_marshal_free_dynamic_wrappers).

It looks like a similar approach ought to be taken for inflated methods.
The following patch implements this.  Again, I'm not complete sure this
is the right approach, but it fixes the symptoms for me.

diff -urNp mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/marshal.c mono-2.4/mono/metadata/marshal.c
--- mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/marshal.c	2009-02-23 19:43:32.000000000 +0100
+++ mono-2.4/mono/metadata/marshal.c	2009-05-28 19:45:27.000000000 +0200
@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ typedef struct _MonoRemotingMethods Mono
 #define mono_marshal_lock() EnterCriticalSection (&marshal_mutex)
 #define mono_marshal_unlock() LeaveCriticalSection (&marshal_mutex)
 static CRITICAL_SECTION marshal_mutex;
+static gboolean marshal_mutex_initialized;
 /* This mutex protects the various cominterop related caches in MonoImage */
 #define mono_cominterop_lock() EnterCriticalSection (&cominterop_mutex)
@@ -599,6 +600,7 @@ mono_marshal_init (void)
 		char* com_provider_env = NULL;
 		module_initialized = TRUE;
 		InitializeCriticalSection (&marshal_mutex);
+		marshal_mutex_initialized = TRUE;
 		InitializeCriticalSection (&cominterop_mutex);
 		last_error_tls_id = TlsAlloc ();
 		load_type_info_tls_id = TlsAlloc ();
@@ -673,6 +675,7 @@ mono_marshal_cleanup (void)
 	TlsFree (load_type_info_tls_id);
 	TlsFree (last_error_tls_id);
 	DeleteCriticalSection (&marshal_mutex);
+	marshal_mutex_initialized = FALSE;
 	DeleteCriticalSection (&cominterop_mutex);
@@ -12908,3 +12911,81 @@ mono_marshal_free_dynamic_wrappers (Mono
 		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->runtime_invoke_direct_cache, method);
 	mono_marshal_unlock ();
+ * mono_marshal_free_inflated_wrappers:
+ *
+ *   Free wrappers of the inflated method METHOD.
+ */
+static gboolean
+signature_method_pair_matches_signature (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data)
+	SignatureMethodPair *pair = (SignatureMethodPair*)key;
+	MonoMethodSignature *sig = (MonoMethodSignature*)user_data;
+	return mono_metadata_signature_equal (pair->sig, sig);
+mono_marshal_free_inflated_wrappers (MonoMethod *method)
+	MonoMethodSignature *sig = method->signature;
+	g_assert (method->is_inflated);
+	/* Ignore calls occuring late during cleanup.  */
+	if (!marshal_mutex_initialized)
+		return;
+	mono_marshal_lock ();
+	/* 
+	 * FIXME: We currently leak the wrappers. Freeing them would be tricky as
+	 * they could be shared with other methods ?
+	 */
+        /*
+         * indexed by MonoMethodSignature
+         */
+	if (sig && method->klass->image->delegate_begin_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->delegate_begin_invoke_cache, sig);
+	if (sig && method->klass->image->delegate_end_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->delegate_end_invoke_cache, sig);
+	if (sig && method->klass->image->delegate_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->delegate_invoke_cache, sig);
+	if (sig && method->klass->image->runtime_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->runtime_invoke_cache, sig);
+        /*
+         * indexed by SignatureMethodPair
+         */
+	if (sig && method->klass->image->delegate_abstract_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_foreach_remove (method->klass->image->delegate_abstract_invoke_cache,
+					     signature_method_pair_matches_signature, (gpointer)sig);
+        /*
+         * indexed by MonoMethod pointers
+         */
+	if (method->klass->image->runtime_invoke_direct_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->runtime_invoke_direct_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->managed_wrapper_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->managed_wrapper_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->native_wrapper_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->native_wrapper_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->remoting_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->remoting_invoke_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->synchronized_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->synchronized_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->unbox_wrapper_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->unbox_wrapper_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->cominterop_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->cominterop_invoke_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->cominterop_wrapper_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->cominterop_wrapper_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->static_rgctx_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->static_rgctx_invoke_cache, method);
+	if (method->klass->image->thunk_invoke_cache)
+		g_hash_table_remove (method->klass->image->thunk_invoke_cache, method);
+	mono_marshal_unlock ();
diff -urNp mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/marshal.h mono-2.4/mono/metadata/marshal.h
--- mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/marshal.h	2009-02-23 19:43:32.000000000 +0100
+++ mono-2.4/mono/metadata/marshal.h	2009-05-27 16:05:38.000000000 +0200
@@ -201,6 +201,9 @@ mono_marshal_get_thunk_invoke_wrapper (M
 mono_marshal_free_dynamic_wrappers (MonoMethod *method) MONO_INTERNAL;
+mono_marshal_free_inflated_wrappers (MonoMethod *method) MONO_INTERNAL;
 /* marshaling internal calls */
 void * 
diff -urNp mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/metadata.c mono-2.4/mono/metadata/metadata.c
--- mono-2.4-orig/mono/metadata/metadata.c	2009-02-14 00:33:05.000000000 +0100
+++ mono-2.4/mono/metadata/metadata.c	2009-05-28 20:12:38.000000000 +0200
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
 #include "metadata-internals.h"
 #include "class-internals.h"
 #include "class.h"
+#include "marshal.h"
 static gboolean do_mono_metadata_parse_type (MonoType *type, MonoImage *m, MonoGenericContainer *container,
 					 const char *ptr, const char **rptr);
@@ -2245,6 +2247,8 @@ free_inflated_method (MonoMethodInflated
 	int i;
 	MonoMethod *method = (MonoMethod*)imethod;
+	mono_marshal_free_inflated_wrappers (method);
 	if (method->signature)
 		mono_metadata_free_inflated_signature (method->signature);

With those two patches, I'm no longer able to reproduce crashes during
OpenSim build and unit-test.

  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE
  Ulrich.Weigand at de.ibm.com

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