[Mono-dev] Problem with reference not refreshed or specific version binding

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Tue May 26 03:46:00 EDT 2009

Now it's clear, thank you so much.

At 19.41 25/05/2009, Mirco Bauer wrote:
>On Mon, 25 May 2009 09:48:34 +0200
>APS <dev.malst at apsystems.it> wrote:
> > So you confirm that if I have a non-strongnamed library version
> > and I make a new bug fix version (I think that
> > changing revision is a normal behavior when fixing bugs) I have to
> > rebuild all the assemblies that use it otherwise I'll obtain a
> > reference not found error? With "not equal only in version number"
> > Gonzalo means "with no difference in interface"?
>You have 3 options to handle this:
>a) do not bump the assembly version and deploy the new version using
>the same version number (can be seen as overwriting the old version)
>b) bump the assembly version on each release (like you did) and install
>policy files that map the old version number to the new one: e.g.
> to, that's a feature provided by Mono and .NET, see:
>c) bump the assembly version on each release but don't install policy
>files and recompile all applications that use that library.
> >
> > At 18.44 22/05/2009, Robert Jordan wrote:
> > >APS wrote:
> > > > I already do that. I don't have wildcards and I increment the
> > > > version when I fix some bug or add some feature to the library.
> > > > But I'm not able to install an existing exe with a fixed library
> > > > without recompiling it, even if the interface is compatible. it
> > > > always says that the version number is not as expected.
> > >
> > >Don't bump the version if the interface remains compatible.
> > >
> > >As Gonzalo already wrote: there are subtle differences between
> > >mono and MS.NET. Mono behaves more like MS.NET when the assemblies
> > >are strongnamed. Otherwise it's stricter than MS.NET.
>I have to disagree, .NET for example does not accept private
>but strong named libraries were the major number part was changed.
>To my experience Mono is less strict than .NET when it comes to
>versioning, also see the gacutil issues with delayed signing Mono had.
> > >
> > >Robert
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