[Mono-dev] Mono 2.4 Preview Packages for Debian/Unstable

Mirco Bauer meebey at debian.org
Thu May 21 21:47:06 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

yes here they are, the Debian packages for lovely Mono 2.4!

Here the Debian NEWS teaser of Mono 2.4:

mono (2.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Mono 2.4 ships a lot of goodies:
    + SIMD support in Mono.
    + No expensive polls in the threading implementation any longer.
    + Speed-up garbarge collection on multi-core systems.
    + Optimized XPath (using 15% less memory).
    + Faster DateTime.TryParse implementation (by not using try/catch).
    + Support for precompiled ASP.NET pages.
  * Complete Announcement of Mono 2.4 (vs Mono 2.2):

  * Mono 2.2 also ships with lovely things:
    + The tree-based code generation engine in the JIT was replaced
    with the
      Linear IL engine, which allows better optimizations.
    + Generic sharing is now used in all cases (reduces memory usage).
    + Generic sharing is now supported on ARM.
    + Support of full Ahead of Time Compilation.
    + New PerformanceCounters implementation that allows to monitor the
      runtime internals. Including the GUI tool "mperfmon" to view them.
    + Interactive shell called "csharp" that allows to execute C#
      expressions inside a shell. There is also a GUI version available
      called "gsharp".
    + Live Inspection. You can attach using the csharp shell to a
      running process and run code inside to debug things.
    + The C# compiler will now optimize empty strings ("") away with
      String.Empty (which reduces memory usage).
    + The Regular Expressions engine has been rewritten being more
      At the same time compiled regex are also supported now.
    + ASP.NET supports now new routing handlers needed by ASP.NET MVC.
    + In the WinForms implementation were almost 200 bugs fixed (since
    Mono 2.0)
  * Complete Announcement of Mono 2.2 (vs Mono 2.0):
  * Mono 2.0 shipped with:
    + A console debugger (mdb) part of the mono-debugger package.
    + WinForms 2.0 API is complete.
    + WinForms's WebBrowser was implemented using Mozilla's Gecko HTML
      rendering engine.
    + WinForms now supports international keyboard input through XIM.
    + Performance of locking (used by threading) was significally
    + New debug parameter "--debug=cast" which print outs the types
      in forInvalidCastException.
    + The C# compiler supports now expression trees (for LINQ) which
      completes the C# 3.0 support.
    + The C# compiler is now dual-licensed under MIT/X11 and GPLv2
    + LINQ and LINQ to XML are now complete.
    + Big Arrays for 64bit architectures are now support (but have to be
      compiled using the --enable-big-arrays configure switch)
  * Complete Announcement of Mono 2.0:

 -- Mirco Bauer <meebey at debian.org>  Fri, 10 Apr 2009 00:58:39 +0200

Here the APT repository (x86 only) for the packages:
deb http://debian.meebey.net/pkg-mono/mono /

The release schedule goes like this: 

- upload to debian.meebesy.net (completed)

- once I received some positive feedback I will push the packages as -1
to Debian/Experimental.

- once the packages passed the NEW queue I will upload them to

- sync with Ubuntu/Karmic

Happy Mono 2.4ing!


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

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