[Mono-dev] Installers

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Tue May 19 14:37:02 EDT 2009

> From: Mike Kestner
> Feedback appreciated.  In particular I'd like to hear from those of
> using the current Gtk# for .net installer or those considering win32
> ports in the future.  Which would you prefer, one installer or two?
> one, should it remain the Gtk# for .net installer for historical
> purposes, even containing the infusion of mono tastiness, or do we
> rename it to Mono Libraries for .Net?

Hi Mike,

I am not familiar with packaging on Windows yet, but I am willing to
make a fool of myself.

My understanding is that there is a Windows Installer XML toolset (WiX)
which is open source and is the nice way to package things.  It lets
developers build MSIs and MSMs.  Since it is really easy for me to
volunteer you to do some work, I will suggest that you should help Mono
consumers (developers like me) package their apps.  The problem I will
want to solve is actually how to package my application --not how my
customers install Gtk#.  Obviously, I would love for my users to have
all my dependencies or to go get them themselves, but that is not

Can you provide a WiX template that we could follow.  The tooling for
automatically generating everything with pretty highlighting and such
can come later ;).  If you show how banshee or some other app that runs
on windows is packaged using WiX, I would guess that I would not care
how and where Mono.Addins is put.  I could add a line or whatever to
some xml file for my package that goes to get it.

Generally, I would want to be able to pick and choose as finely as
possible how much gets into my app.  I realize I could use the linker
but that is overkill.  You could always have packages that lump a bunch
of stuff together.  I think it makes more sense for me to do the lumping
together rather than you (the Mono/Gtk# packager).  



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