[Mono-dev] C# scripting

bradvin bradvin at gmail.com
Tue May 5 14:27:12 EDT 2009

I read a cool article the other day where the author says that it is possible
to dynamically compile C# code at runtime using mono:

Link :  http://haacked.com/archive/2009/04/22/scripted-db-views.aspx
Scripting ASP.NET MVC Views Stored In The Database  

Quote : "In the future, I should be able to host C# views in this way. Mono
already has a tool for dynamically compiling C# code passed in as a string
which I could try and incorporate."

Now this got me really excited. So i asked the question : "how would you go
about using this tool from your code? "

And he answered with : "I think it's just a library you reference. You can
go to the Mono site and look around. Maybe ask someone in the forums. I've
never used it. I was just told about it. "

and that is why this message exists. 

Does anyone know how to reference MONO and use the Mono.CSharp namespace
from within a .NET c# project?

I downloaded Mono and googled the topic and found a bunch of articles, but
most tell you how you can use Mono instead of the .NET framework etc. There
is nothing out there that tells you how to use the code or namespaces within
Mono within a .NET app. Am i being stupid here and missing something
complety simple? If so, then please enlighten me :confused:

I tried other scripting tools and they did what I wanted but as soon as I
tried them in medium trust, they fell apart.

any help here will be greatly appreciated
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