[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Use trampolines for vtable fixups

Rodrigo Kumpera kumpera at gmail.com
Tue May 5 14:55:45 EDT 2009

Hi Kornel,

Your patch have a few issues. First, it does a lot of different stuff in the
same patch, second no Changelog entries are provided.

My suggestion is that yo split it in the following pieces and add Changelog
entries so they can properly reviewed:

-The change to mono_gc_init (). This affects all platforms and require more
reviewer effort that the rest.

-SEH for reading mapped images. Can this change break cygwin/mingw builds?

-coree/vtable fixups stuff. This one requires less reviewing as your're the
author of it and it doesn't affect other targets.


2009/5/5 Kornél Pál <kornelpal at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> The attached patch implements using trampolines for vtable fixups that
> delay assembly loading. I believe that this is the correct solution.
> This patch also modifies:
> 1) EXE image is only fixed up when using driver.c; embedded mono.dll will
> not improperly tamper the image used for version initialization.
> 2) Use SEH with MS VC++ for reading mapped image. (GCC has no support for
> that:( )
> 3) Disallow unloading mono.dll after mscoree.dll was fixed up to prevent
> calling unmapped functions.
> 4) Remove WaitForSingleObjectEx in mono_gc_init () by modifying
> mono_thread_create_internal to return the thread object.
> This latter also affects other platform. I would like to ask you to test
> it. I wasn't able to reproduce any deadlock related to this. (I only found a
> deadlock with socket accept on Windows that was discussed earlier on the
> list.) If you can reproduce a deadlock related to finalizer thread I am
> willing to help solving that but I need the exact locaions of deadlocked
> thread stack traces.
> Kornél
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