[Mono-dev] Mono Debugger and Mono 2.4

jonas echterhoff jonas at unity3d.com
Tue May 5 11:37:27 EDT 2009

Yes. But in order to make it work, as far as i can tell, I also need  
to change the mono debugger itself. Right now, when I load a native  
application into the debugger, it won't try to find the debugger_info  
global structure, which is used to communicate with mono.

My question is mostly, since there is some "support" for native  
applications in mdb at this point (well, I can start an application in  
the debugger, and interrupt and resume execution), if there is already  
some workaround for this, or a plan on how to implement it. I  
obviously don't want to do special case code for unity which will be a  
pain to drag along in the future.


On May 4, 2009, at 11:25 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
>> Also, I'm still looking for any suggestions on how to get the mono
>> debugger to work with a native application invoking mono from a dll.
>> What's the status, should that work at the moment? If not, what needs
>> to be done to make it work?
> The `mono' program itself is a thin wrapper around libmono.a, so
> technically you would just have to replicate in your VM initialization
> all the steps that are enabled when MDB launches Mono for debugging.
> Miguel.

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