[Mono-dev] General questions about mono

Friedrich Dominicus frido at q-software-solutions.de
Tue May 5 08:23:27 EDT 2009

Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> writes:

>> Just the starting point. Where and how is this "starting" point
>> documented. Or where can one read more about it, I'd like to do that
>> before starting to ask "stupid" questions because they may have
>> documented...
> Incredibly vague.   As an end user, as a consumer, as a hacker, as
 > what?
As a hacker 
> Anyways.
> You might want to look at the API in mcs/class/corlib/System.Threading
> and then perhaps look into the mono/mono/metadata directory for the
> backing implementation of it.
Thanks, so it means there is not something like a technical doc. So I was
not absolutly blind  not to find it.


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