[Mono-dev] Maybe an Error?

Friedrich Dominicus frido at q-software-solutions.de
Tue May 5 08:23:00 EDT 2009

Jonathan Chambers <joncham at gmail.com> writes:

> Friedrich,
>      I don't think the debugger has ever been built on windows previously. If you want to use
> cygwin/gcc, you probably have some Makefile hacking to do. I have setup Visual Studio 2008
> sln/vcproj/csproj files in the debugger/build directory. They should build out of the box at this
> point. There is also a debugger/README.win32.
Well I did use the provided vs project, but for getting it compiled
with Mono2.4 I had to change the using directives to System.Xml.Linq
and I had to comment a few lines in MonoSymbolFile.cs around lines 560

				foreach (C.SourceFileEntry include in method.CompileUnit.IncludeFiles) {
					if (include.Index == source.Index) {
						found = true;
                  frido */

and around lines 1786 this:
/* SourceRange? range = null;
						if (lne.SourceRange != null)
							range = new SourceRange (lne.SourceRange.StartLine, lne.SourceRange.EndLine,
										 lne.SourceRange.StartColumn, lne.SourceRange.EndColumn);

						lines.Add (new LineEntry (address, file, lne.Row, hidden, range));
						last_line = lne.Row;
                         * frido */

So yes agreed that is a hack but that's what my questions was
about. Does anyone have anything newer than Mono-2.4 running which
does not need this hack. And then I'd really like to know why
System.Linq should be ok if .NET and Monot should be compatible...

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