[Mono-dev] Ug

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat May 2 00:32:33 EDT 2009


> So it's a question of which kind of error message is preferable.  If  
> the
> entry isn't present within sqlmetal.exe.config, then `sqlmetal
> -provider:MySQL ...' will generate the error message "Failed to load
> provider MySQL...", while if the entry is present but the assembly  
> isn't
> found, they'll get an error message similar to "Could not load type
> "MySql.Data.MySqlConnection, MySql.Data".
> Either way it doesn't work, so it's likely just a matter of which  
> error
> is "better."

Thanks for the explanation.

I would like to see this special cased in the code and even provide a  
more detailed error message in this condition than just the barebones  
error that we get from Reflection.Load and explicitly state something  

"The MySQL provider is not installed in the GAC, you can get it  
from ..."

We do things like this with mcs which suggests things like -pkg: -r:  
and even namespaces to include in the source.


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