[Mono-dev] Bitmap manipulation - am I doing it right?

Stefanos A. stapostol at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 17:17:44 EDT 2009

Does GDI+ support alpha blending? If so, why don't you just draw a  
translucent (say alpha = 128) layer on top of the selected region? You  
could also fake this with additive or multiplicative blending, but the  
result will look worse.

Την Wed, 01 Apr 2009 00:11:37 +0300,ο(η) Stifu <stifu at free.fr> έγραψε:

> Thanks for your answer.
> 1) I'm not sure how that would work... Not saying it's not possible or
> anything, I just have no idea. By the way, the size and the color of the
> rectangle can vary, and it can also be semi-transparent (in case that's a
> problem).
> 2) How would you do this, technically? Because the only solution that  
> comes
> to my mind is to clone a little part of my Bitmap to create the temporary
> copy... and making a sub-sized clone of a Bitmap is actually much slower
> than making a full clone. So it'd be actually slower than my current
> implementation.
> Andreas Nahr wrote:
>> What you are doing is very inefficient.
>> Two ideas:
>> 1) Don't directly draw onto the image if you are only want so show
>> something
>> to the user and not really want to manipulate the image. You could  
>> easily
>> use a rectangle control and show that above the image control.
>> 2) Before you paint the rectangle copy the overpainted area into a
>> temporary
>> image. Then draw the rectangle. To (re)move the rectangle copy the data
>> back
>> from the temporary image (do not copy the entire image or create a new
>> one)
>> Andreas
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>> Betreff: [Mono-dev] Bitmap manipulation - am I doing it right?
>> Hello,
>> I have an application that displays graphics, stored in a Bitmap.
>> When you hover the concerned Panel, a square shows what tile you're
>> currently highlighting. So if you move your cursor, the square moves  
>> too.
>> What I'm doing is, each time I repaint my Panel, clone the Bitmap then
>> draw
>> the rectangle (square) on it. If I didn't clone it first and worked
>> directly
>> with the original Bitmap, then the squares would never go away, and keep
>> on
>> multiplying as you move your cursor over the Panel.
>> So I'm just wondering: is cloning the right thing to do here? Or is  
>> there
>> a
>> better / more efficient way to achieve the same results, like some kind  
>> of
>> temporary modifications to a Bitmap or whatever? (I'm using double
>> buffering, so everything has to be on the same Bitmap)
>> I already implemented clipping to improve performances, but I wanted to
>> know
>> if there was anything else I could do... Thanks.
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