[Mono-dev] Embedded: storing extra data on objects?

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Embedded: storing extra data on objects?
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  When embedding mono, is there a way to store a little bit of extra information (pointer-sized) along with a MonoObject (or similar structure)?

  My scenario is that I have unmanaged wrappers for managed objects, and I'd like to ensure that there is never more than one unmanaged wrapper per object (and also be able to get the unmanaged wrapper if all I have is the object). I'm sure I know that I could use a hash table for this, and that may end up being what I do, but actually storing the pointer on the MonoObject seems more natural, in my case.

  A related question: if this isn't possible, would a patch to facilitate scenarios like mine be welcomed, or is it something that the community is thoroughly disinterested in?


beyond a hash table, have you also considered whether it would make sense to put the pointer in an ordinary field (or slot/member/...), and then retrieve the value from the field as needed?...

(sorry, I am no expert on mono's internals, so I don't know how reasonable this is either...).


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