[Mono-dev] csharp tab completion.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Mar 22 23:01:34 EDT 2009


> I looked at the parser and it does not seem to work correctly.  Type 
> "4.Tr" move to "." and hit TAB. Secondly, instead of rewriting token in 
> tokenizer it can be easier to just handle the token specially in the 
> parser at few places where you want to support completion.

Thanks!   This is a simple bug in the code that calls GetCompletions,
not in the completion engine itself.

> I have not looked much at new expressions but again why not just use 
> existing expression and introduce only new override.

That was my original intention.   

The problem is that we need ExpressionStatements to do completions
instead of having bare-bones expressions as completion happens at spots
where all we can get is a statement expression.

This made it unsuitable for extending the existing classes.


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