[Mono-dev] [patch] coreclr: metadata/*

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien.pouliot at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 10:26:42 EDT 2009

Hello Mark,

On Sat, 2009-03-21 at 09:21 +0100, Mark Probst wrote:
> Hey Sebastien,
> > This patch adds the reflection checks for fields and also reworks (and
> > move*) how the checks are done on methods.
> Looks good.  One question, though: are you sure that in CoreCLR even
> critical methods cannot via reflection access fields and methods that
> they usually couldn't via the type system?

Sure? no. AFAIK we have no way to create our own [safe]critical code on
MS platform to test such scenarios. 

OTOH I don't see any problem to reduce checks for critical code if (or
when) our code base needs/requires it. But right now it's far easier to
spot a "wrong failure" than a "wrong success", so I prefer disallowing
until needed.


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