[Mono-dev] Bug 486705 Update / Fix?

Shao Jiaxing shaojiaxing at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 00:20:15 EDT 2009

I'm using Mono 2.4RC3 source tarball on SLES 10.2.Unfortunately, I compile
Mono 2.4RC3 has problem,too.  My problem is compiling
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib and cause error.So, I modified Makefile to skip this
library because I only want to compile OracleClient library. I'm using Mono
2.4RC3 RPM install on my SLES 10.2, and copy my modified version
OracleClient library to my project directory. Now it works ok with
OracleClient in Mono 2.0 is not complete, because I found the
OracleClientFactory class was not implemented. So I had to give up using
Mono 2.0.
I don't know how to submit my change to Mono source SVN, who can help me?

Thracx wrote:
> Ahh, thanks for the information Shao.  Did you submit your changes to be
> included in a future Mono release?  Also, what version of Mono are you
> using?  Unfortunately I'm still stuck on v2.0.1 because 
> http://go-mono.com/forums/#nabble-td22587130 I can't compile  anything
> more recent.
> Shao Jiaxing wrote:
>> I had fix this problem by myself. I just add one line code "hasRows =
>> true;"  before NextResult() "return true;". Because when use
>> DataReader.Read() read all rows from first cursor, the hasRows is set
>> false. Then call NextResult() not set hasRows = true and
>> DataReader.Read() is check hasRows first, so the bug come out. 
>> Now working with multiple out REF cursor was prefect in my project. I
>> don't know whether this fix can solve the bug without causing other
>> problem, but it works.
>> ...

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