[Mono-dev] Bug 486705 Update / Fix? - OracleClient parameter always zero

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 07:13:41 EDT 2009

I have made your suggested fix to OracleClient.

It was committed as revision 129864 in svn trunk.

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> Subject: [Mono-dev]  Bug 486705 Update / Fix?
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> Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 12:47 PM
> I might have found the source of Bug
> 486705.  For whatever reason, I am unable to create a Novell
> account so if someone could post this info to that Bug
> on my behalf, it would be much appreciated.


> I wrote this a while back before I had the latest
> source code, but I thought I should just post it anyway for
> others to find when searching.
> ExecuteReader(...) of
> System.Data.OracleClient.OracleCommand.cs (Line 580) does a
> for-loop over p (0 thru Parameters.Count), yet the loop
> itself does not use the loop-invariant (p) - instead
> it always uses '0' (i.e. Parameters[0] on Line 581).
>  The code in OracleCommand.cs, method GetNextResults() 
> (Line 661) has the proper loop so my understanding is when
> Mono first gets the OracleDataReader/RefCursor, it
> should only get the first cursor.  Later,
> command.NextResult() will be called by the user which will
> call GetNextResults() and properly get the next cursor.
> This would explain to my why ExecuteReader(...) never
> worked for me, as my OUT cursors were never the first
> parameter in the Stored Procedure.  I've had to save a
> reference to the OracleParameter when I declare it and then
> use param.Value after a call to ExecuteNonQuery(...) (which
> does work fine for multiple cursor out parameters).  I think
> this is a new bug, as I wasn't able to find anything
> about it when searching (other than the possibly related Bug
> 486705).
> This might explain Bug 486705 to me - Shao Jiaxing was able
> to get his first cursor out but couldn't get any data
> from any other cursors if the first parameter
> wasn't a cursor.
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