[Mono-dev] CoreCLR patches

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Mar 16 10:25:10 EDT 2009

>  void
> -mono_security_enable_core_clr (void);
> +mono_security_enable_core_clr (const char *prefix);
> This breaks our ABI, we can't change that function this way.
> I know it's a silly requirement for a function that hardly anyone  
> could be using, but
> breaking our ABI should not be taken lightly.

SInce the feature has effectively not been useful in the past (and  
will remain non-useful until we are done with the work), it is fine to  
break the compatibility.

The entire CoreCLR stack should get a special exception for APIs  
exposed during the development stage.

In general features of this nature should get a free pass like this  
one.   Consider SIMD, it evolved from 2.2 to 2.4 and that was a more  
visible user-level library that would have likely broken more code.    
It changed in the past, and it will change again until we are  
satisfied with the API and we declare it ready for main use.


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