[Mono-dev] Architectural decisions behind mod_mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Mar 10 18:50:34 EDT 2009

> pushed into the OS.  That said, I will agree that this is rarely the 
> dominant performance issue.  Usually the application's (mis-)behavior 
> swamps that of the infrastructure.  Still, it would be nice to have a 
> high-performance, cross platform ASP.NET hosting environment that could 
> wring the most out of what ever OS it was running on.

Correct, the scenario you describe is hardly the performance issue that
Mono with ASP.NET encounters.

As we profile applications on the web we find that the optimization have
very little to do with the mod_mono/mod-mono-server split and more with
our own code in mono/mod-mono-server and their class libraries.

Mono 2.4 has been tuned extensively for web-based loads for example, and
barely any of the changes are in the mod-mono/mod-mono-server protocol
or space.

But instead of arguing on a mailing list, if you really want Mono on the
front-end server, go ahead and put Mono into Apache.   Or in the kernel
if you want to.   This is what open source is great for.

Once you have that, come back with results, I am sure that we will have
a more entertaining discussion at that point.

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