[Mono-dev] DistCC and cross-compiling Mono

Bojan Rajkovic bojanr at brandeis.edu
Sun Mar 8 14:12:06 EDT 2009

Andreas Färber wrote:
> There is, you should configure with --disable-mcs-build when 
> cross-compiling. Just copy over mcs and libraries from a standard 
> build on your host. Jay is a build tool, it's not needed at runtime on 
> the target system.
> Andreas
Passing --disable-mcs-build would pretty much accomplish what I 
described in my last post--I'd have to do the build in two phases 
anyway, remembering to pass CC=gcc and not CC=distcc when doing the mcs 
build. I'll just do things that way from now on--I didn't know about 
that flag (I must've missed it when I was perusing configure.in).


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