[Mono-dev] DistCC and cross-compiling Mono

Bojan Rajkovic bojanr at brandeis.edu
Sun Mar 8 13:53:03 EDT 2009

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Since jay is only used on the host, compiling it for the target is
> simply wrong. Imagine you're cross compiling for ARM: what is
> an arm-jay good for other than breaking the build on the host?
> Robert
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So I take it that there's not really a solution here--it'd be nice to be 
to compile all parts of Mono in a distributed manner, but it sounds like 
just break jay when cross-compiling. Is there a potential solution to 
the problem
then, other than interrupting the build process, building jay without 
and then continuing the build (I believe jay is the last piece of C code 
to be
compiled, so distcc doesn't even matter afterwards)?

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