[Mono-dev] Mono Debugger on Windows Patch

Jonathan Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 00:53:00 EST 2009

Hello,     Here is a first pass at getting the debugger going on Windows.
Things are still too rough to commit this entire patch, but I wanted
feedback on some things. With feedback I should be able to get
a committable patch in a day or so. There is a ChangeLog entry, but my main
points/questions are below.

- Replaced direct use of GnuReadLine with a LineReader that chooses to use
GnuReadLine or new ManagedReadLine based upon OS. Is this OK?
- I added check for WIN32 in C code. Is there a more standard way to do
platform checks? Should I do something in configure.in?
- I added a winconfig.h and a CSharpExpressionParser.cs.win to avoid a
dependency on autotools and jay for now.
- I think I will have to rework ThreadManager a bit to handle debugger
events on Windows differently (there changes there now are hacks an
incomplete). What is the best way to factor out this differences?
- I am working in VS 2008, and require the MONO_PREFIX environment variable
to be set to a working mono install in order to build/run.
- I made use of Bfd code conditional on platform.

At this point the debugger frontend runs and can launch a mono process. I
can't do anything more than process the debugger started event until I
rework the ThreadManager.

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