[Mono-dev] monodevelop debugger on fedora 10

Robert Abram lists at loneprairie.com
Tue Mar 3 11:35:10 EST 2009


    I am using Fedora 10 and I was able to get debugging with
monodevelop working by compiling mono + monodevelop from subversion.
The list projects I compiled from source and used are;

    mcs, mono, gtk-sharp, gnome-sharp, gnome-desktop-sharp, libgdiplus,
debugger, monodevelop

    See this page: http://mono-project.com/SVN 

    If you compile from source, read the README in each of the source
directories.  Hope that helps.

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Sorry guys probably I missing something but I can't get the monodevelop 
integrated debugger addin working in my Fedora 10, if I enable rawhide 
repos I can install the monodevelop alpha 2 preview but still not gdb or 
mdb paquages...any chance of have it on f10?



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