[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Change Mono.C5 from common lib to net_2_0 lib

Marcus Griep marcus at griep.us
Fri Jul 17 11:10:30 EDT 2009

Currently Mono.C5 builds even as part of the net_1_1 profile. This is
unnecessary as Mono.C5 provides and consumes generics, and thus depends
on net_2_0 at minimum. In order to build in net_1_1, all the files in
Mono.C5 are surrounded by #ifdef NET_2_0 directives, leading to
effectively empty files being built into an uninstalled library in the
net_1_1 profile.

This patch cleans up the Mono.C5 build by moving it to the net_2_0
profile and removing the now unnecessary #ifdef guards.
Marcus Griep
GPG Key ID: 0x070E3F2D
Ακακια את.ψο´, 3°
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