[Mono-dev] status of System.Messaging in Mono

Michael Barker mike at middlesoft.co.uk
Tue Jul 14 02:34:40 EDT 2009


I am actively working on implementing System.Messaging for Mono using
RabbitMQ as a messaging bus implementation, which should be included
in the latest builds.  It should be considered as alpha at the moment.
 I am really in need of active users to help find bugs and give me an
idea of which features are the most important.  Most of the basic
messaging features are implemented, but a caveat is that MS's
System.Messaging library makes some assumptions about how a messaging
bus should work, so some of the more esoteric features can't be
supported.  To try out our implementation you will need the following
dlls from the mono build:


You will need to install RabbitMQ from (http://www.rabbitmq.com), it's
Free and Open Source and a decent messaging bus, theory it should work
with QPid or OpenAMQ, but hasn't been tested.  You will need to make
sure that you have the following environment variable set:


If anything doesn't work, start raising bugs
(https://bugzilla.novell.com/), this is the best way to make sure Mono
has a decent Messaging implementation.

Michael Barker.

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 6:01 AM, Count László de
Almásy<calmasy at gmail.com> wrote:
> that's unfortunate. is there any viable alternative in Mono to System.Messaging?
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 10:42 PM, Atsushi
> Eno<atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com> wrote:
>> Note that the assembly *did* exist even in Mono 1.0 era. It's just
>> that not implemented. And our System.Messaging.dll is not supported
>> in any sense. Some part of the functionality is available through
>> rabbitmq bridge by Michael.
>> Atsushi Eno
>> Seo Sanghyeon wrote:
>>> 2009/7/14 Count László de Almásy <calmasy at gmail.com>:
>>>> I see references to System.Messaging on the Mono website saying it's
>>>> not available in Mono, but, after compiling Mono 2.4.2, I see it
>>>> produced a System.Messaging.dll assembly. Is the website just
>>>> outdated? I'm confused.
>>> It seems to be outdated. Check this blog post too:
>>> http://mikes-tech.blogspot.com/2008/12/more-mono-amqp-and-systemmessaging.html
> --
> Cheers, László
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