[Mono-dev] Using mono assemblies compiled against Microsoft's .NET Framework -- key file

Raja R Harinath harinath at hurrynot.org
Mon Jul 6 23:02:22 EDT 2009


Joshua Hudson <jhudson at cedaron.com> writes:

> I found need to ship Mono.Security and Mono.Cecil compiled
> against Microsoft's .NET Framework. Mono.Cecil built right
> out of the box, but Mono.Security needed a minor change
> (couldn't find object Locale, had to fake it).

You can use Locale from mcs/build/common/Locale.cs

> Should I ship these signed with mono.snk or a custom key?

Since you won't be installing them in the GAC, it doesn't really matter
if you don't sign them.  It should be fine[1] to sign it with the mono.snk
too -- after all, the private key isn't a secret :-)

- Hari

[1] I guess, at a philosophical level, it may be bad form to use
    mono.snk if you made significant custom changes to the code, but as
    you describe, that doesn't apply here

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