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  I think there is no solution for this particular problem, at least for now.

  I have to decide which language and architecture to use in a major project that I have to start soom. My very first idea was C/C++ but I don't have much time to think about typical problems that this language and its environment brings when memory management, pointers, regular expressions, SQL and multithreading comes to play together. I highly prefer mono and C# running in a Linux particion inside de AS/400 with four PPC cores :S.

  Do you think that is reliable and secure to build a high availability system that manage money in real time using mono and C#?

  How good is the .NET DB2 connector that mono offers to the public?

  Thanks to all for the reply.


just a quick comment in this case:
have you also looked into Java?...

the AS/400 does provide a JVM...

although I will not claim to have used it, the Portable.NET project also provides a C# compiler which can output Java bytecode (then again, Mono could have similar for all I know, but I have not investigated this...). note that this will not necessarily give any of the .NET libraries though...

I also can't say how good of an idea this would be (probably better off just using Java if targetting the JVM...).

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