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> On Thu, 2009-01-29 at 15:38 -0300, Carlos Ruiz Diaz wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> Can mono run under an IBM AS-400 or any variant of this OS?
> If the AS400 is LPAR capable you can mono on Linux in the LPAR.
> After that its gets complicated.

I can imagine...

I would think for good AS/400 support, one would probably about need a 
custom VM written specifically for AS/400?...

AFAIK, the arch has a VM of a vaguely similar nature anyways, so I guess if 
the people at IBM really wanted they could potentially add native CIL 
support (like, reusing whatever JIT machinery and similar already exists in 
the arch, or doing bytecode-level recompilation, ...).

or such...

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