[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Allows mono_jit_init to be called multiple times without crashing.

Tom Hindle tom_hindle at sil.org
Fri Jan 30 13:41:17 EST 2009


Attached for review is a patch that allows multiple calls to

I appreciate that the first response to this request may be, 'why would
you want to do that?' Given that, I will attempt to give a

The reason I need to be able to do this is because:

I have an existing C# application that uses native COM objects, with
marshaling iterops automatically generated from the COM IDL files, as
part of the build process.

However as part of the Linux port I sometimes need to replace select COM
objects with C# ones. I inform the application of this by changing the
registry. (COM definition file on linux)

Which I can do because previously I have created a managed-Com-bridge (a
special native COM object that embeds mono and loads managed COM
objects, before retuning a native ptr back through the COM framework). 

However, since the managed-Com-bridge embeds mono, I need to call
mono_jit_init to return the domain. However since mono is already
running, a call to mono_jit_init asserts! 

Furthermore, COM objects are sometimes created indirectly by other
native COM objects, meaning re-factoring C# code is not an option. For
example, C# creates native COM object COM1 which itself creates COM2,
which has now been replaced by a managed COM object.

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