[Mono-dev] Differences in Exception handling on Win32 vs Win64

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Jan 28 18:07:06 EST 2009


    While doing some of the refactoring work for the mini-OS work, I
noticed that we have code that could be moved into mini-windows.c in the
exceptions-x86.c and exceptions-amd64.c, the code is almost identical,
the difference is that exceptions-x86.c supports a "restore_stack

	/* install restore stack helper */
	if (!restore_stack)
		restore_stack = mono_win32_get_handle_stackoverflow ();

     This is used by the stack-overflow handling code path.   I am not
sure if this is because the code diverged at some point, and only x86
was updated, or if this is something that is not worth supporting on


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