[Mono-dev] Mono porting and splitted tests

Ian Dichkovsky ianpro at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 07:23:39 EST 2009


We are now doing mono port to MIPS n32 & 64 architecture. Yes, we
aware of Mark Mason's efforts with the MIPS port :-)

During porting we came to the conclusion that single big binary test
sets (basic.exe, basic-long.exe, etc.) are inconvinient. On the
initial stage of porting, mono binary could crash in the middle of
testing and the rest of functions just hadn't a chance to run. These
crashes doesn't give us clear picture, which functions passed and
which failed. We splitted tests to different files, so each test
function has its own source and binary.

We think that it would be a good idea to add these splitted tests to
SVN. It will simplify future mono ports to the new platforms. Sources
available upon request.


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