[Mono-dev] Ideas for Mono on Windows

SuperCiccio sc_030268 at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 23 05:15:20 EST 2009

I'm writing a .NET application that uses Spring.NET and NHibernate, my 
development tool is VS 2008 standard (I've also tried MonoDevelop, but 
it is a bit far from VS for now).
My final goal is to create an application that runs without (major) 
changes on Win/.NET and Linux/Mono, I strongly believe in this fantastic 
project (Mono) and in free OSes.

In my intentions the (cyclic) dev process will be:

1. develop on Win/VS
2. quick test on Win/.NET and Win/Mono for architecture validation
3. unit test on Win/.NET and Linux/Mono

Unfortunately, I'me blocked on stage 2. because of a bug in Mono that 
prevents Spring XmlApplicationContext from initializing correctly by 
assembly embedded resources. This bug has been resolved a few days ago 
I could grab a snapshot of source code and build it by myself, but I 
haven't time for setting up the needed environment and build Mono, I 
have to go on quickly on my project.
Sadly, I have to wait for the next Windows/Linux build to go ahead on 
step 2. If I had a simple way to build Mono on Windows, the (in)famous 
F5, I could go on peacefully.

Despite this hassle, I think Mono is a great work and I hope It will 
play an important role in my future.

Thanks to all!

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