[Mono-dev] Class status pages are empty

Leszek Ciesielski skolima at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 04:50:09 EST 2009

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 7:30 PM, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>> Perhaps some members of the Mono team use gui-compare, but I think end-users
>> / third-party developers appreciate an easy way to consult the API
>> compatibility level of certain types/members.
>> The only painful part of the online class status pages (that I see) is that
>> the masterinfo files are not automatically updated (after changes to
>> mono-api-info). This could be scheduled as part of the win32 buildbot
>> though.
> Well, the masterinfo files are really static.   Every time there is a
> new release, someone goes scavenging for all the files, and runs
> mono-api-info on the given assemblies and then we version the result.
> The actual masterinfos that we have are all listed in
> mono-tools/gui-compare/InfoManager.cs.  Just grep for "Uri" there.
> So its merely an issue of fixing the build, and running more
> mono-api-diffs and generate more web pages for each of the profiles we
> want to compare.   I think those should be:
>        1.1
>        2.0
>        3.5 SP1
> On a side note: the generation of the masterinfo files is less that
> stellar.  We have used a mix of the Reflection-based tools, and the
> Cecil tools to extract the information, and they are *slightly*
> different.
> In the last batch (done for 3.5SP1) I used the Cecil tools for half the
> assemblies (those that lived under Windows/) and reflection ones for the
> ones that live under "Reference Assemblies" because the Cecil ones
> required an assembly resolver that did not work.
> So the result is mixed.
>> Does gui-compare use the same "masterinfo" input files (for .NET) as
>> corcompare?
> Yes.
>> Gert
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>> Hello,
>> > What was the reason for discontinuing the (online) class status pages?
>> We never really discontinued it, at least in my case, I stopped caring.
>> They were just difficult to maintain, and doing quick changes were not
>> reflected quickly (we had to wait a few hours for either the process to
>> run, or setup a local system which was never well documented and was
>> messy).
>> Chris Toshok wrote gui-compare, which was very useful to quickly iterate
>> over an API and have since then barely used the Web UI.  I am not sure
>> if others have done it, but I think some of us just stopped using it.
>> I agree that a web version has a lot of value, and would love to keep it
>> around, but in its current form its painful to deal with.   The other
>> bit that is important to point out is that it has not been upgraded to
>> deal with the various new profiles, that is something that would have to
>> be done as well.

Sorry for resurrecting an old discussion, but a lot of pages contain
links to the Mono Class Status page. Which - if if understood this
discussion - is no longer maintained. Could someone put a warning
there that the page no longer works, and what should be used instead?

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