[Mono-dev] mono inlining

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun Jan 18 17:18:50 EST 2009

crashfourit wrote:
> I tried searching the source code and I couldn't find out how to set up
> MonoAssemblyName that is needed for mono_assembly_load ().

mono_assembly_load_with_partial_name ().

Anyway, you should *first* try to get official approval for
a new assembly from the core team, as new assemblies are
often rejected as undesirable

[To avoid a new assembly, you could lookup the attribute by
name from the image of the method. This requires that all
MonoInlineAttribute consumers are implementing this class
privately in their own assembly.]

> Can I just copy the fields in mono_defaults.corlib and just change the
> name... or will that not work?

It will break the MS.NET compatibility of assemblies that reference
this attribute. I guess you won't be very happy if Mono.SIMD
stops working on MS.NET (even if it's not optimized).


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