[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Support for AvailableFreeSpace, TotalFreeSpace, TotalSize in System.IO.DriveInfo

Christian Prochnow cproch at seculogix.de
Thu Jan 8 04:49:41 EST 2009


Gonzalo Paniagua Javier schrieb:
> AFAIR, statvfs() is not present on some systems that we support.

is there a list of systems Mono supports? statvfs() is a POSIX-conform
call, it should be present on mostly every UNIX system.

Even if not, i can add a configure check for statvfs() and fall back to
old behaviour of returning int64.MaxValue when statvfs() is not present.

> Also, I'm not sure how it works on MS.NET, but what happens if the
> available space changes after you have created the DriveInfo instance?
> Will you get the space at the time of the instance creation or the
> current one?

I'll checked MS.NET behaviour and it shows that the values reflect the
current space, not the ones at time out the DriveInfo instantiation.

In my implementation the values are currently cached, i'll change the
bahviour to retrieve the values everytime a property is get.

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