[Mono-dev] gmcs and The Future

Stefan Noack noackstefan at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 16 20:30:53 EST 2009


> Anyway, am not completely against the idea, I already wrote about how
> I'd like to have a more extensible mcs, but in the current state of
> affairs, again, I'd very cautious.

Some time ago, I had the idea of an extensible compiler. One with kind of a
plugin system. Or even better, a "keyword" keyword that allows you to define
new keywords by providing classes that implement certain Interfaces that
allow the compiler to parse and emit your new language feature. I already
have a name for that language - it would be "Sugar" (lot's of syntactic
sugar included ;-)

How do you think about that idea? (I wish I had more time for such stuff :-/

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