[Mono-dev] On what platform|cpu-arch|mono-version does full AOT actually work?

mobbe peter.moberg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 09:48:03 EST 2009

I compiled the Mono framework (the unmanaged pieces) so that I could run it
on my iPhone. I was successful in doing that and thought that I would try to
do AOT on the iPhone...transfer the temporary asm output to my Mac to
assemble and link it and from there keep going... however when performing
the AOT compilation of mscorlib.dll Mono hit another assert... something
with inst->sreg1 being negative 1 (-1) (Don't remember right now what
funtion it stopped in..will have to supply that information when I get to my
Mac later tonight). 

If I commented out the assert it went on a bit further but stopped on a
another assert when trying to emit the op-code saying that it was expecting
0 bytes for the op-code ld_loadmembase but got 4... 

Anyone out there have an ideas of where I should be looking next in order to
try to solve this? It seems like the instruction set it is using for ARM
doesn't match the source codes assumptions. I am sure that I am doing
something wrong but don't know where to begin to look for the issue. Maybe
someone out there has a cpu-arm.h file that they know works that I can
compare with mine? Are there any other generated files regarding the
instruction set that I should double check? 

Thanks for your help in advance. 


 full-aot currently only works on amd64/arm.


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