[Mono-dev] On what platform|cpu-arch|mono-version does full AOT actually work?

mobbe peter.moberg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:08:19 EST 2009

I downloaded a openSUSE 11.0 image with Mono 2.2 and tried the following in a
terminal window... 

sudo mono --aot=full /usr/lib/1.0/mscorlib.dll

The end result is that an assert in the code triggers a halt. The specific
assert message is:

** ERROR: (mini-x86.c:5314): mono_arch_get_patch_offset: code should not be

I have been working with enabling AOT on the Mac and I get the same message
there... looks like it doesn't recognize certain opcodes and then the assert
halts the program. 

Anyone know on what platform/cpu combination and Mono version the full AOT
actually works? I have been trying to debug the code and see if I could
figure out what was wrong but as I said..it just looks like certain opcodes
that Mono generates don't sit well with the code generator. 

If it is not the code but rather that I am not invoking the tools correctly
then please let me know as well...


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