[Mono-dev] Developing using Mono/Gtk# Vs Mono.WinForms (Windows & Linux)

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 19:14:49 EST 2009

2009/2/12 Daniel Espinosa <esodan at gmail.com>

> We are working on a project using Mono/C# for a GUI independent library,
> but in parallel one library to use GUI objects (the presentation layer)
> witch will use the first library as a data provider.
> The GUI must works on Linux/Windows among other OSs and both libraries will
> be free software.
> What could be better to use Gtk# or Winforms?

I'd personally prefer GTK#, though it can look out of place on windows.
Similarly Winforms definitely looks out of place on linux. It's a tradeoff.
The ideal option would be for you to create a UI using both toolkits so it
looks native on both platforms, but this may not be an option due to limited
resources etc.

> How to allow other users to contribute to the project if they will work on
> Windows and others (me) on Linux?

On windows, use VS/SharpDevelop. On linux use MonoDevelop.

> I know projects' format diferencies between MS Visual Studio, SharpDevelop
> and MonoDevelop. How help this IEDs to work with the same project and code
> base?

All three IDEs support the Visual Studio project format, so just use that.

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