[Mono-dev] libgdiplus pango patch

Jonathan Anderson jonathan.l.anderson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 09:24:49 EST 2009

Stifu wrote:
> Considering how complex the whole thing looks, I think it'd be great if you
> could turn your test app into automated tests, to make them public, prevent
> regressions and make the landing of that patch safer.

Thanks for the input!

Yeah, I need to make some automated tests for some of that.  The problem 
is that the measurements will depend on the fonts available, the system 
dpi, system-wide font hinting settings, etc., so it's a bit hard to make 
any of those tests repeatable on someone else's system.  Also it's hard 
to tell things like if it really did draw the alignment, clipping, 
character direction, etc. correctly without looking at it.  Any ideas on 
how to do any of that in a reliable sort of way for automatic testing 
would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Anderson

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