[Mono-dev] Arguing for reconsideration of WONTFIX status of 425512

Lucas Meijer lucas at lucasmeijer.com
Thu Feb 12 08:59:59 EST 2009

Alan McGovern wrote:
> But it's the hacks that you added to your program which are causing 
> the issue in the first place ;) You want a hack to make your hack 
> work. What you really need is another hack which will work in all 
> cases. Unfortunately I can't think of a way which will work in all cases.
I didn't add these hacks to a program.

Consider a new user trying out mono. 
He tries mono with some useful tool that he uses in .NET
Turns out it doesn't work.

Yes, maybe it's the tools fault.  But the end result is that it doesn't 
work, and the user thinks
"arg, apparenlty mono doesn't run my .net stuff, I'm sticking to clr 
thank you very much".

Bye, Lucas

PS Please note that there is no "official" way to do what these programs 
are doing trough their "hack".

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