[Mono-dev] Patch for IntPtr bug

russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com
Wed Feb 11 10:45:08 EST 2009

We get addresses on Linux that are >2Gb from malloc in the native code,
if we go through the conversion from int (i.e.)IntPtr.ToInt64() is not
giving a sign extended value back when this happens and then a cast to
IntPtr will fail. The cast from a pointer i.e. void* or byte* will also
not sign extend the long.

The conversion is not sign extending the long (perhaps because it does
actually fit)...

My patch is correct.


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russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com wrote:

> I encountered a problem when casting a long to an IntPtr, which is
> something we have ended up doing a lot (we want to keep binary
> compatibility between x86 and x64, only changing the native code on
> different architectures). We encountered a problem with Mono as there
> has been a check introduced into the IntPtr constructor from a long,
> this is checking the range of the long to ensure it is in range,
> unfortunately the check is incorrect. A long can easily hold from
> Int32.MinValue to UInt32.MaxValue (and not Int32.MaxValue as it
> currently in there).

The patch is wrong, since casting a long > Int32.MaxValue to a
4 byte signed intptr is simply invalid.

The current check in IntPtr.cs also matches MS.NET.


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