[Mono-dev] Oracle Data Client issue

russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com
Wed Feb 11 10:04:13 EST 2009



I have encountered a problem with the Oracle Data Client when porting an
application over from Windows, basically we are using NHibernate as a
frontend to the database and we have recently moved the backend from
MySQL (for development) to Oracle (for deployment) and we encountered a
problem with the System.Data.OracleClient basically not handling the
OciDataType.Float and OciDataType.Integer.


I have checked with our resident Database experts and they assure me
that this is the way it should be,  can someone who knows the inner
workings of this code please take a look and verify that my patch (which
seems to work, for our purposes) is the correct way to go.


All contributions under the MIT X11 license.






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