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> Swing would be intersting... and it also handles cross platform easer
> than winforms... though I would look into something like SWT.... the
> api is already avalible... for both so a clean room clone could be
> made of both.

yes, I have been investigating more...

given both AWT and SWT depend on native widgets, to implement them would 
likely imply depending on either GTK or Cairo.

granted, Swing would likely end up depending on Cairo or similar for 
implementing the Canvas (for mono at least, for my project I would probably 
not use Cairo either, far more likely using my own backend...), presuming 
that Swing would be kept in the form of drawing its own widgets...

(so, yes, the primary difference between SWT and Swing is the issue of who 
draws the widgets, where SWT traditionally has the widgets drawn by someone 
else, and Swing draws its own widgets).

a version of SWT which could both draw via GTK or Cairo, or also run 
"standalone" and draw all its own widgets (via some or another "Canvas" 
interface) could probably be useful...

well, beyond these issues, unlike WinForms (or WPF), there is less threat of 
possible legal issues with any of these...

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