[Mono-dev] Qt anyone?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 10:33:00 EST 2009

Daniel Morgan wrote:
> On a different subject, I wonder if someone would dare replace the
> glib and other dependencies in mono with qt.  Then create clr
> bindings to qt.  With these bindings, you could re-write mono using
> the clr bindings to qt.  Now, that would be interesting.

Can you elaborate on why glib should be replaced?

For systems that don't support glib or where glib is undesirable,
mono's eglib could be used instead, which is really tiny, BTW.

A large part of mono applications is already relying on glib
(as part of gtk/gtk#/gnome), so adding just another heavy dependency
is not an option IMO. Not to speak about having to deal with 2
message queues, C++, license issues (Novell won't be able to
re-release the runtime under a non GPL based license anymore).


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