[Mono-dev] HttpWebResponse ConnectStream blocks on empty stream

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Fri Feb 6 07:12:22 EST 2009

Hey Gonzalo,

This does not appear to be fixed in SVN HEAD.
It always takes 15 seconds (while I've explicitly set the ReadWriteTimeout
to 50 seconds) to get the zero length response.

I'm testing this on Windows.
I get the exact same behavior on Linux with an older revision of Mono.
I'll update my Linux version after I've added unit tests or standalone tests
for a few more fixes.


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On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 09:29 -0800, Arne Claassen wrote:
> I've been having a problem with HttpWebResponse locking up on
> GetResponseSream and BeingGetResponseStream never returning on
> responses that have no content-length header and no content. On .NET
> this will return immediately, but on mono (1.9.1, 2.0.1 and 2.02) the
> read will block only to be killed if the request itself has a timeout.
> A simple repro is to his a site, get it's Etag/LastModified and hit it
> again for the 304 response which should have no content. However
> getting that response stream still shouldn't lock up.

This issue has already been fixed. I don't know if it made it to 2.2,
but the fix will be for sure in the upcoming 2.4.


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