[Mono-dev] Mono and IBM

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Feb 3 11:04:12 EST 2009

On 02/01/09 Andreas Färber wrote:
> > There might be a mono port for AIX, which might run in the PASE
> > environment, but i don't know the status of that.
> Some folks recently tried a new port to AIX/ppc64. They gave up last  
> week because, supposedly, Mono relies on an undefined behaviour of  
> NULL dereferencing. Don't know details though.

A competent programmer like our ppc maintainer could likely do
an AIX port in under a week, we just don't have access to the hardware
and nobody offered it or the money to push us to do the port.

There is nothing fundamental in mono that depends on NULL dereferencing
(in fact our jit already has the IR needed to represent a null check,
so a non-optimized fix for AIX stupidly making the 0 page readable is in
the order of 20-30 lines of code).


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