[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Use HtmlAgilityPack from source, not binary bundle

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Tue Dec 22 08:42:25 EST 2009

One reason why the upstream Mono tarball is modified in Debian is the
inclusion of a binary AgilityPack.dll without corresponding source. For
curiosity's sake, I tried getting ahold of the source from the Beagle
development tree (as suggested), building it, and replacing the bundled
copy - and it doesn't work. The Beagle copy of HtmlAgilityPack (v1.0)
throws exceptions all over the place if built with a vaguely modern

So. Attached is a patch against trunk which replaces AgilityPack.dll
with an HtmlAgilityPack/ directory containing the latest upstream
release from Codeplex (v1.4~beta2). It's integrated into the build
system, happily lives inside tarballs made with "make dist", and
generally removes any of the issues Debian has with the AgilityPack. Oh,
and it ought to apply against 2-6 and 2-4, although those will require a
slight tweak to docs/Makefile.am to use net_2_0 not net_1_1 for

This combined with my previous RabbitMQ patch remove the lingering
license/security problems which cause Debian to distribute modified
upstream tarballs. Assuming any new ones haven't crept in since 2.4.3.
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