[Mono-dev] ReaderWriterLockSlim implementation

Rob Vesse rvesse at vdesign-studios.com
Fri Dec 18 07:45:23 EST 2009

I was looking at the MoMA analysis for my library and found one of the key classes that I needed to build my library is now available in Mono 2.6 (was missing in 2.4) but it's constructor still throws a NotImplementedException.

Looking at the code I find the following:
throw new NotImplementedException ("recursionPolicy != NoRecursion not currently implemented"); 

I was wondering when it was likely that the ReaderWriterLockSlim would support recursion since I need this support for some parts of my library to function correctly under Mono.  Is there a particular reason why this support has not yet been added - there are a few commented lines of code and some unused functions which suggest partial implementation of this has been attempted but not put into the release/trunk yet.

Rob Vesse

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