[Mono-dev] VS 2008 required for building mono 2.6?

Miha Vrhovnik miha.vrhovnik at cordia.si
Thu Dec 17 16:29:19 EST 2009

Hi *,

Congratulations on releasing 2.6.

On the other note. I didn't find anything in the docs or on the mailing list, that the required version of Visual Studio to build mono changed for 2.6 version. Looking at sln and vcproj files it seems that they are all from VS 2008.

If that is the case please also update the compling manual [1]

On the other hand looking at the SVN under /tags/mono-2-6/mono I can see that there is also msvc05 dir present and msvc dir itself also contains some files that are not in official 2.6 bz2 file.

This seems like you have some source packaging problem.

[1] - http://www.mono-project.com/Compiling_Mono_VSNET

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